Zeca Vilela was born in 1982 in São Paolo, Brazil.

He completed a HBO degree in Advertising and then a subsequent drawing course in São Paolo. After his studies, he left to Dublin to learn English. He earned a living through working in the catering industry and selling drawings and paintings. 

There he met his wife, and moved to her home country of the Netherlands with her. He now has a family, works at DAF and in his spare time follows his passion of painting. 

Zeca Vilela Paintings and Portraits

Zeca’s work is original, expressive and colourful. He mainly paints portraits of dark-skinned women, but also children. He has also portrayed a number of well-known artists including Nina Simone, Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie. In recent years, Zeca has developed a special and recognizable style of abstract portraits, in which one colour dominates the canvas. 

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