Loes Geominy

Loes Geominy

Loes Geominy was born in Venlo in 1956.

After completing middle school in Venlo, Loes attended the St. Joost Art Academy in Breda, choosing to focus on ceramics. Her dream was to become a tableware designer, but she did not complete the training.

From the age of 25, Loes began painting. She has been taught by various teachers; first in watercolour, then in acrylic and more recently in oil painting.

For the last decade, she has been taking classes at the Wildt Art Academy, which is specialised in teaching realistic fine art painting. They utilise painting techniques once practised by painters of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Now she primarily uses oil paint on a wood panel. You can’t spot a single brushstroke on her work, to the extent that people mistake it for a photo.

Loes has worked for several banks over the years, where she was responsible for organising various events as the Senior Event Manager. Now that she is retired, Loes dedicates her time entirely to painting.