Luna Art

Gallery for modern and contemporary art, in the city center of Venlo

Luna Art

Welcome to Luna Art: Modern Art in a Historic Building

In the center of Venlo, situated on the cozy Klaasstraat, you’ll find Luna Art. This art gallery is housed in a unique monumental building, constructed in the 15th century, which I am particularly proud of.

Art and entrepreneurship have always been special interests of mine. I lived and worked across the globe for about 25 years. After returning to my hometown, Venlo, I decided to further develop this interest and passion for art, finally opening my own gallery in 2018.

Luna Art offers a varied collection of both modern and affordable art by both Dutch and international artists.

In addition to an overview of the artists and available artworks, this website also aims to provide an impression of the entire collection.

With this, I intend to inspire all art lovers. And so, I also invite you to visit my gallery without obligation to view the entire collection. These works are truly too beautiful for a photo to capture.

Finally, I recommend keeping an eye on the website, as well as our social media accounts, as we regularly receive new artworks and update these. We also share promotions on these pages, so don’t miss out! 

See you soon at Luna Art!


Birgitte Heijnen-Craghs



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