Heidi Siemes

Heidi Siemes was born in Arcen in 1974.

She never found what she was looking for at school. Instead, she spent her school days daydreaming and filling her workbooks with her fantasies and drawings. Heidi found her place at the 'Kasteeltuinen' in Arcen where she spent years caring for the animals. She feels a close connection with nature and wildlife, which is reflected in her work. She also considers her world travels to influence her work.

During the first years, Heidi focused mainly on dot painting. This was a result of her travels through Australia in 1996/1997, where she came across aboriginal art. After her period of dot painting, she sought a new challenge and began painting portraits, combining them with botanic and decorative elements.

Heidi works primarily with acrylic paint, charcoal, chalk and acrylic markers, either on cloth or canvas. Her use of colour is enthusiastic with unusual combinations, which ensures that the finished piece is unique and breathtaking.