Jeannie Hoovers

Jeannie Hoovers was born in 1951 in the Limburg village of Stramproy. Jeannie taught herself the art of ceramic sculptures, painting and mosaics. She primarily creates clay sculptures consisting of voluptuous women with full, red lips. They’re emphasized with a comic element. The sculptures usually consist of colorful busts, with exotic headpieces, beautifully jewellery, and glass mosaic dresses. Jeannie considers herself to be inspired by the full, feminine figure.


Jeannie had once dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer, but her father hadn’t approved of this. She then discovered art and dedicated herself to that, finding herself unable to stay away from it. Jeannie has followed a primarily self-taught education, but took her first lessons from the renowned artist Harrie van de Boel, from Thorn.