Sabrina Walcher

SABRINA WALCHER (1980, Schwäbisch Hall)

Painting is a natural form of self-expression for me because colors and brushstrokes feel more expressive than words. I get inspiration for my work from life, be it a childhood memory or the sometimes complicated emotional world.

I primarily use black and white paint and painting knives to channel my experiences and values ​​to create an artwork that inspires those who look at it. Art can remind us of what is important to us; a picture can inspire courage, love or confidence in us. By choosing subjects that inspire me and depicting their unique existence in a direct style, I bring out the rich qualities that make them who they are.

Authenticity, freedom, passion and individuality are some of the core values ​​that guide my art. By creating artworks based on my personal philosophy, I invite viewers to examine their own values ​​and see if they are still valid and genuine.

Focusing on the power of authentic expression and emotion, my art inspires people to go within themselves and discover the unique ideas and expressions they want to share with the world.