Mia America

Mia America was born in Sittard. 

Following a study in Business Administration and the consequent years spent as an account manager, Mia decided to finally follow her heart. She opened a beauty salon and meanwhile began to further develop herself as a ceramist. Her long standing passion for clay and sculpting has brought a lot of joy to her life, and others. She apprenticed for renowned ceramists, who would advise and teach her everything possible with clay, the endless opportunities. 

Whilst the beauty salon is now an aspect of her past, Mia’s life is firmly devoted to ceramic art. Women are a central theme in her art, which radiates cheerfulness with a mischievous nod to everyday life. 

She characterizes her own technique as straightforward yet lively, aiming to surprise people over and over with differing themes, techniques and styles. She ensures that her work is free from routine, and consistently sets higher standards and new goals for herself. 

Mia exhibits her work in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, where she has built up a following of art lovers. 

At Luna Art, you’ll find an extensive collection of Mia’s ceramic sculptures, each of which is entirely unique and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.