Bart Wisbrun

Bart Wisbrun - Pallet Artist


Bart’s life motto:

Life is about creating and sharing! Bart’s professional career began as a graphic designer, where he was also known as an idea man and product developer. Bart is also the founder and organiser of the National Foundation Against Senseless Violence, easily recognised by its ladybug logo. Aside from this, he enjoys working as a ‘recycling artist’, creating beautiful and unique pieces for homes and businesses.

In recent years, Bart has exhibited much of his work. He successfully participated in the television program, Omroep Max: Sterren op het Doek, with a portrait of Dionne Stax.


Bart chooses to work with disposable wooden pallets.

He creates three-dimensional portraits, company logos and his own creations from these pallets. His work aims to highlight that waste can be transformed into something beautiful and lasting. Thereby he hopes to create awareness regarding the disposable culture in society and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Bart begins by sourcing the right image and then it is a step-by-step puzzle towards the final image. He uses a jigsaw and saw machine to create the intended shapes from the wooden pallets. Next, he assembles everything together using sandpaper, wood glue, paint and varnish until it is fully constructed against a wooden background...Licence to create®