Ans Pullens

Ans Pullens was born in Waalwijk. She passionately works as a full-time visual artist, creating ceramic, glass and mosaic pieces. She continually challenges herself with new techniques and shapes. In terms of education, she completed a course in Ceramics (Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk) and a classical education in Mosaic and Frescoes (Academy of Visual Arts in Wilrijk, Antwerp), which continues to provide plenty of ideas for new creations.

Ceramic Paintings

The surprising thing about clay is the endless possibilities, both in terms of shape and appearance. This renders it a fascinating material and challenges you to make even more works using it. An example of this is the 3D Ceramic Paintings. In them, you’ll see a play of light and shadow, created by the manner in which hundreds of hand-shaped clay elements are attached in different positions. Due to the changing light throughout the day, and the position from which you look at this piece, the image constantly changes, ensuring that it remains new and fascinating.

Ans finds her inspiration everywhere, by looking at everyday objects in a different way or through enlarging a simple object, crop, animal or human.